Cash Buyer Data Feed

Since 1993, I’ve been a Real Estate Investor. You may have met me or heard of me in those years. My name is Cameron Dunlap. I began by my business selling houses in 1993, began teaching in 1995, and have been working full time at both ever since. I love what I do because I can solve problems, both with my students and my clients.

Probably the most important factor in real estate is being able to close transactions, such as selling a property in order to collect a paycheck. You need to be paid for the work you’ve done and be able to make a living. That’s why you’re here, to learn about making a larger paycheck. I’m excited to share with you the Cash Buyer Data Feed. The Cash Buyer Data Feed is basically a list, ongoing and replenished monthly of the cash buyers according to public record. These buyers have shown their ability to pay cash for a property within the past 30 days. We typically upload 30,000 new buyers every 30 days for a continuous data feed.

Cash buyers are the best buyers in real estate. They bring no hassles to the closing table. They are easy to deal with and they are not reliant on funding and financial hurdles to be cleared in order to make the purchase. Nothing is more disappointing in real estate than to think you have a solid buyer and they back out or cannot complete the transaction. It can happen in the beginning of the deal or at the very end when everyone has planned their moves and lives accordingly.

Investors are those who buy real estate for a cheap price. Yes, they are cash buyers but I prefer to think of them as investors. They will not walk away from a deal, a good deal. They become rehabbers, landlords, and deal makers when they see the right property for the right price. They are simply the best in the business. I’ve been a cash buyer on many occasions and it is the fastest and easiest way to start and finish a real estate transaction.

I’m actually conducting an experiment with this short video and I thank you for taking the time to join me. We are making this Cash Buyer Data Feed available to you and anyone else who visits this page for the next few days only $1.97. This is an incredible Trial Offer where you will have full access to the entire system for 30 days.

This is normally information that I make available to my very best clients, students I’m mentoring, student partners, and my closest partners. Like I said, this is an experiment and we are going to see how this goes by making it available to everyone who visits and wants to sign up. It is a limited time opportunity that we’ve never tried before. The plan is to only take a small group of people and then this page will be shut down. The fact that this page is still here and you are on it means the trial is still available. Yet once the spaces fill up, you won’t have a chance to be included so you’re going to want to get in on this. Don’t wait a couple hours or days and when you think of it again, the page is gone and the available space is gone.

Like I said, this is just a short term offer, an experiment to see how far it will go. If you’re in real estate, I can tell you, you will be able to use this information. I know that the information provided with the Cash Buyer Data Feed is something you’ll find helpful because I know the following: The 2 biggest reasons why people quit or fail in real estate is: 1. They don’t know when they will actually get paid and 2. They’re afraid they won’t be able to sell so they never buy or make an offer.

When you have a long buyers list, you will have the confidence to know you can have more offers which means more deals. There is a simple relationship between offers and paychecks and it goes something like this. "The more offers you make, the more paychecks you’ll cash." So you will have more money as a result of more offers but you first need the confidence that comes with a Buyers List like I’m offering.

Access to this data could very well mean more paychecks. I’m in the funding business. I make the deals happen for people who are buying and reselling quickly, also known as wholesalers. This data is important to them as they quickly move properties. I’m making this information available for a limited time to a small group of people who want to learn more and will benefit from it. I don’t normally share this with just anyone and in the past have reserved it for my close associates. What a unique opportunity you have to gain this Cash Buyers Data Feed and be able to use it for your real estate business!

Most professionals involved in the real estate world are go-getters by nature. They like to go their own way and create their own business leads so if that’s you, you may be thinking you can just get this information for yourself. You know how to search the public records and you can find the cash buyers in your area. Some towns may be easier than others to gather this information, but once you get it, it’s already old news. And think about how often you want to be downtown searching through records, paying to print the results, and waiting for others to be done with their usage on the computers. It is an ongoing project that you would probably want to have help with and you will need to search regularly for new leads. Or you can just give our Cash Buyer Data Feed a go and save yourself time and hassle and have the leads researched and available to you immediately. To pay for your gas, assistant, copies, and the coffee to keep you awake while searching would be well over that monthly fee!

You will have access to the entire United States. You aren’t limited to your town or even your state. Take a trip to visit family, tax deductible, and work some deals while you’re there. Create a system that benefits you and gives you the best life possible. This data feed is invaluable to you as a real estate professional.