About Cameron Dunlap – The Real Estate Investor

camheadshot.NO background.My name is Cameron Dunlap, and I’ve been in the business of buying and selling real estate since 1993. If you do the math, that’s quite some time. I got started pretty young, so I’ve had a lot of time to learn from trial and error. Over the years, I’ve also invested in a lot of training that’s done me a lot of good. I can tell you that I continue to do the business on a daily basis, which I think qualifies me to
teach this business.

In fact, I think anyone who is teaching the business, but isn’t doing it full-time, really isn’t qualified and should NOT be teaching. After all, this business is liquid; it’s always changing. It ebbs and flows like the tide, so if you are not doing deals today, you really don’t know what’s going on. I can assure you that I am. I get a lot of people that ask, “Cameron Dunlap, where do you spend most of your time?” My response is that I spend my time flipping properties primarily vacant houses. Some of them are owned by individuals and some of them – many of them – are owned by banks.

I also buy and hold commercial properties: I own mini-storage units and apartments. What I don’t do is speculate. I don’t do land deals and that sort of thing. You can see why when the market took a turn and land values plummeted and created huge losses for these land owners. I buy cash flow, and I can assure you that I have learned a very valuable lesson in terms of property management, namely that you want to have someone else doing it for you. I started outsourcing property management back in the late 90’s when I realized that managing all those properties myself was an absolute thief, a bandit, of my time and of my emotional energy, as well.

So I have all my properties managed, and I either manage the managers or I have a manager who manages the managers. I no longer deal with that at all and it’s been great. If you’re going to be in rental properties, I strongly recommend you get them managed. I started out rehabbing properties after buying a course off a TV infomercial back in 1992. I came away from that with the thinking that there were two places to go: either buy, fix and sell, OR buy, hold and rent.

At that point in m life, I hadn’t heard anything positive about rental properties and it was very difficult to get a positive cash flow back then because we had just come off a big real estate boom and rentals really hadn’t caught up. So I decided to avoid that strategy and stick to rehabbing. My first rehab property I did myself, which by the way I will never do again, took me eighteen weekends to complete, which was 10 weekends more than I had anticipated. However, when I received the check for $12,300 after my expenses were paid, and after that, I can tell you my life changed forever.

That was a lot of money to me back then and confirmed that this would work and that I could do it. I can say from personal experience that, if you’re new to this business, there’s good news...your first check is coming… The better news is when you get it, everything will change. My ultimate goal is to help everyone that is serious about getting into real estate cash their first paycheck. If that’s you, let’s go get it.