Cameron Dunlap here and yes, I am a real estate investor. I have been since 1993. I’m excited to share with you some of my real estate strategies and hope by doing so you’ll be able to implement in your own business. I want to talk about the specific kinds of houses I look for and why there is tremendous opportunity in this niche, especially right now. Right now we are seeing some amazing deals and if you have the right tools and resources, you can really capitalize on this real estate bonanza that’s going on.

camheadshot.NO background.What I look for, or rather, my bird dogs looks for are vacant houses either owned by an individual or owned by the bank. Now, there are lots of ways you or your bird dogs can find these types of houses. I like to use bird dogs so I can have 100’s of eye balls on the streets looking for the exact type of property I am looking for, so I can really leverage my time. The great part about all this is that I’ve developed some real estate software that automates this whole process for me. It’s called iFlip. iFlip is a data management system that keeps track of my bird dogs and all my real estate deals. You might want to check it out when you get the chance.

Your bird dogs are looking for vacant houses with no "for sale" signs in the yard. And there are lots of ways to spot these vacant houses. Think about it... if you see a house with no curtains, more than likely no one lives there. If you see grass 3 feet tall, or dead grass in the middle of summer, in many cases, no one lives there. If there are piles of newspapers stacked on the porch or in the driveway, they are strong indications the home is vacant. Notes posted on the door or in the window could be a good sign of vacancy because that’s what the bank usually puts up to notify the homeowners of a pending foreclosure auction.

These are several ways to spot good real estate deals. And I can promise you that if you’ll let others help you (bird dogs) you’ll be much more successful because more leads = more offers = more paychecks. Now, here’s the important pieces to all of this...

If you see a lock-box on the front door, you can almost be certain that it’s bank-owned. If it has a realtor sign in the front yard, then it’s most likely in the MLS. If there is a lock-box but no realtor sign in the front yard, then this is a pre-list opportunity and is a GOLD MINE! This is where I focus because once it gets to the MLS, you’ll be competing with hundreds of other investors. When it’s not in the MLS yet, you have almost NO competition. So that’s the clue you are looking for... a lock-box on the door with no "for sale" sign in the front yard. This has "Gold potential" written all over it and definitely worth pursuing.

The next step would be to either contact your real estate agent if there is a sign in the yard or if there is no sign in the yard, find the listing agent that specifically works directly with the bank that owns the property. There are some huge benefits in doing it this way. I have a real estate training program that goes more into more specific details on how this all works and what to say. It’s definitely worth checking out.